11" x 108" Plain Rustic Hessian Table Runner

11" x 108" Plain Rustic Hessian Table Runner

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  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Table Decor
  • Size:
  • Length: 275cm (108 Inch)
  • Width: 28cm (11 Inch)
  • Colour: Red, Black, White, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Ivory, Peach, Purple, Emerald Green, Navy Blue, Fuchsia, Sky Blue, Mint Green, Nude, Blush Pink
  • Material: Fabric
  • Use: Ideal for Home Wedding, Banquets, Parties, Events, Hens, Dining, Hotels, Motels, Buffets, etc.


Table runner is a centre table décor that is used to add colour, texture, charm to a boring table. They are practical for everyday use and appropriate for special occasions when you need a refined touch.

Table runner enhances your tables cape in subtle or dramatic ways depending on the colour and plain weave design. Create a festive feel during the holidays, change the mood of your room, consider a holiday or seasonally themed table runner by choosing our many colours. 

Table runners are used in a variety of ways: 

  • Arrange towards the centre of the table for decoration
  • Arrange in crosswise design
  • Can also be used for theme parties
  • To accommodate the average place setting, the table runner is approximately 28cm wide
  • Table runners are easy to care and are more useful than a normal placemat

How to Use:

Basically, a table runner is a decor piece or table aligner for any party or event functions. You can place them towards centre of the table in horizontal manner or can even add vertical layers to provide table partition or can also be used in place of table mats. They can also be arranged in cross design on a circular or square table.

While placing a centre runner on a table cloth, it is advisable that you don’t exceed the drape length of table cloth. Runners have hemmed edges to avoid tearing.

Change the dining attire, celebrate your special occasions or holidays using these glossy runners.

A great way to dress up your kitchen or dining room table and keep things clean. They require less fabric, and will thus take up less space in your linen closet. You can make DIY use of it as sashes or for making fullers, cartridge pleats. Also useful for other kind of art and crafts. 

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