Hydrangea Artificial Flower Wall 60cm x 40cm Panel

Hydrangea Artificial Flower Wall 60cm x 40cm Panel

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  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Artificial Flowers
  • Material: Silk
  • Length: 60cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Colour: White With Pink Velvet Rose, Peach and Pink With Ivory and White, Purple, White, Light Turquoise, Lime and Hot Pink, White With Pink and White, Peach, Ivory and White With Pink and Purple, Peach With White, Hot Pink, White and Ivory, Peach, Baby Pink and White, Baby Pink with 5 Ivory, Red, Pink Ivory, Baby Pink, Ivory, Hot Pink Ivory, White Baby Pink, Green Back Mess Only, Green Grass, Dark Green Grass, Green with 4 Flowers, Green with 5 Flowers, White 1, White 2, Champagne, Baby Pink 2, Peach Pink Big Rose, Baby Blue, Rose Pink, Light Baby Pink With Ivory, Ivory With Berries, Cream, Light Yellow and Pink, Red Roses, Champagne and White, Blue with Pink, Baby Pink & White with Leaves, Violet Purple With Leaves, Dark Pink With Leaves, Dark Purple With White, Hot Pink With Leaves, Blue With White, Baby Pink + Eucalyptus Leaves, Tiffany Blue Eucalyptus Leaves, Champagne With Leaves, Pink Purple Eucalyptus Leaves, Purple Pink Eucalyptus Leaves, Blue Pink + Eucalyptus Leaves, Blue With Purple, Rose Pink With Small Trees, White With Rose, Rose Pink White With Leaves
  • Usage Types: Wedding Venue Decor, Baby Shower, Party, Candy Wall, Flower Pillar


These artificial flowers are made of silk material and come in vibrant colours to uplift the décor of your space.

These are durable panels with fold-able construction for easy handling and storage.

This type of flower panel is a preferred choice among photographers for an elegant and lively floral backdrop that adds a freshness to every picture.

Popularly used for background decoration at wedding venues, baby showers, parties, and for decorating other spaces such as homes, galleries, etc.

Care Instructions: Please blow off the dust with a hair dryer, or rinse with water and then air-dried. Some small leaves and flowers are not suitable for washing; it is recommended to wipe with a wet cloth on them.

Please Note:

  • Our flower walls are not free standing but come with flexible plastic mesh panels of 40cm x 60cm (W x L) that you can clip to your frame and then to each other.
  • With this setup, it is easy to transport and store the panels, and this size allows you to customise your flower walls with any combination and size
  • For example
    if you have a 2.4m x 2.4m (7.8 Feet x 7.8 Feet) flower wall, that is 24 panels. With those 24 panels you can also make two walls of 1.2, x 2.4m (4 Feet x 7.8 Feet), one wall at 1.8m x 2.4 (5.9 Feet x 7.8 Feet), or one long wall at 0.4m x 14.4m (1.3 Feet x 47 Feet). You can be as creative with how you use them as you like!

What size of flower wall do you want to create? How many pieces of the flower panel will you require?

  • You can choose from the three most popular wall sizes from available flower panel.  
  • Those sizes are:
          1.2m wide by 1.2m tall (approximately 4ft x 4ft) (6pcs of 40cm x 60cm)
          1.2m wide by 2.4m tall (approximately 4ft x 8ft) (12pcs of 40cm x 60cm)
          1.8m wide by 2.4m tall (approximately 6ft x 8ft) (18pcs of 40cm x 60cm)
          2.4m wide by 2.4m tall (approximately 8ft x 8ft) (24pcs of 40cm x 60cm)
          3.0m wide by 2.4m tall (approximately 10ft x 8ft) (30pcs of 40cm x 60cm)
  • Our sizes reflect the total surface area of the flower wall, made up by 40cm x 60cm panels, so please let us know the total surface area and dimensions of the backdrop needed.

Please Note:

White, Green, Pink Velvet Rose Flower Wall Panel may appear green at some places as this is a mixture of White, Pink Flower and as the back is green, this will appear as shown on the panels.

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