One-Pin Roller Buckle

One-Pin Roller Buckle

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  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Roller Buckle
  • 20mm Roller Buckle
  • 25mm Roller Buckle
  • 38mm Roller Buckle
  • 50mm Roller Buckle
  • Material: Brass
  • Use: Widely Used in Shoes, Belts, Bags and Other Leather Crafts
  • 20mm – 2mm Thickness:
  •    Outer size: 27.5mm x 18mm
  •     Inner size: 20mm x 12mm
  • 25mm – 2.5mm Thickness:
  •     Outer size: 31mm x 22mm
  •     Inner size: 25.5mm x 15mm
  • 38mm – 3.5mm Thickness:
  •     Outer size: 47.5mm x 39mm
  •     Inner size: 40mm x 29mm
  • 50mm – 4mm Thickness:
  •     Outer size: 58mm x 38mm
  •     Inner size: 50mm x 28.5mm


Roller buckle is commonly used in boot clasps, shoes, watch, purses, straps or sandals for secure closure.

Sturdy metal rollers are for long term usage and can be ideal for men and women footwear, children school shoes, bags and accessories.

They rolls-on easily into straps, slider slings, leather goods or garments and hooks well into fabric hole with the help of 1 pin bar. A perfect DIY product for fashion professionals, students and home crafters or learners.

Replacement or repairing tool for worn and torn briefcases, dresses, belts, straps and much more.

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