Trouser Hook and Bar Die Set with Universal Green Hand Press Machine for Fabric Repairs

Trouser Hook and Bar Die Set with Universal Green Hand Press Machine for Fabric Repairs

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  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Hook & Bar Dies with Green Machine
  • Material: Iron
  • Affixing Die Tool Size: 10mm, 11mm
    • Screw Thread Part is 8mm
    • Bottom Part is 19mm
  • Use: Fixing Stud onto Trousers, Jeans, Bags, DIY and Much More


Are you tired of spending lots of money on buying different stud fixing machine? Try our Universal Green Press Machine which can help you fixing almost all kind of studs and fasteners.

We provide hook & bar die setting tool along with Green Press Machine for fixing 4 parts trouser snap studs onto your trousers, formals, jeans, etc.

These hook & bar die comes with the size of 10mm and 11mm as per your selection with thread screw part 8mm and bottom part of 19mm.

Quick accessory fitting tool for your party wears, formal wear or even useful in making waistband closures or extenders.

Make sure to see you are using no-sew hook & bars while buying these dies as sewing hook & machine hook varies. This smart appliance is made up of heavy duty material for prolong use & great for on spot repairs and alterations.

Easy to use: Place our Universal Hand Press Machine on a hard flat surface; Fix die set tool on the machine with the help of screwdrivers; place your hook & bar simultaneously on the fabric; press machine handle and they are done, giving you a smoothly fixed fastener.

Those fixed hooks and bars will not slip-slide or pop off your pants. This portable machine is useful for multiple studding on trousers, pants, clip extenders, shorts, jeans, skirts, formal waistband extenders, etc.